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Shared Service Synergy

Organisational Structure

In collaboration with both the CEOs and executive teams in the entities, the Organisational Design has been reviewed and discussed extensively. In addition, we are currently in discussions with teams and individuals directly affected by these changes. The process is…

Project Timeline

Shiriki will be rolled out in a phased approach. The HR team has planned to transition first, closely followed by IT and then Finance. View the project timeline here.

Shared Services HR Taxonomy

This graphic demonstrates an example of the HR taxonomy as the proposed output of this design process.

Shared Services Enabling Technologies

This graphic depicts the scope of capabilities for IT Shared Services.

High-level Governance Services Model

This graphic depicts a high-level governance services model in operation.

Shared Services Organisation Design

Having a clear understanding of the required activities while following established accountabilities (to be documented in service level commitments), is critical for the overall Shared Services operating model’s effective operation. With these considerations in mind, an organisational design approach has…

Shared Services Design Project Update 2

We are currently in the design phase of the project, collaborating with our future customers to conceptualise and shape our shared services offering. 1. Designing business processes For the transactional functions contained within the scope of work for shared services,…

Shared Services Design Project Update

How will our move to shared services support the group theory of change?

What is the theory of change again? Our vision of an empowered, prosperous, productively engaged African citizenry thriving in ethical societies with dignity and hope could inspire us on a million different paths. The path we chose is described in…

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