Scholarship Programme | Allan Gray Orbis Foundation


The Foundation offers high school Scholarships to learners who are in financial need, have a curious, entrepreneurial mindset and the potential to excel academically.

Scholarship recipients, known as Allan Gray Orbis Scholars, receive funding for high school in addition to access to support and programmes to develop their entrepreneurial talents. We aim to develop a community of young, entrepreneurially minded leaders so that our Scholars have the opportunity to go to university through the Fellowship Programme.

The Scholarship Programme focuses on the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset, personal mastery and academic excellence. We believe an entrepreneurial mindset will enable our Scholars to attain academic success and effective personal leadership.

This Scholarship is offered in three countries, however the models differ in each country.

South Africa – The Scholarship is available to learners entering high school. Learners in Grade 6 may apply.

Botswana / Swaziland – This Scholarship is available to Grade 12 learners who need a post-Matric to gain access to a South African University

Here is the full list of our partner placement schools:

Eastern Cape:

  • Clarendon High School for Girls
  • Selborne College High School
  • Collegiate Girls’ High School
  • Grey High School
  • St Andrew’s College (Grahamstown)
  • Diocesan School for Girls
  • Diocesan School for Girls (Grahamstown)
  • Hudson Park High School (Boarding/Day School)
  • Alexander Road High School (Day School)


  • St Alban’s College
  • King Edward VII School
  • St Andrew’s School for Girls
  • St Mary’s School, Waverly
  • St Stithians College
  • Roedean School (SA)
  • Pretoria Boys High School
  • Parktown Girls’ High School (Day School)
  • Springs Girls’ High School (Day School)
  • National School of Arts (Boarding and Day School)
  • Greenside High School (Day School)


  • Michaelhouse
  • Epworth Independent High School
  • Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School
  • Maritzburg College
  • Durban Girls’ High School (Day School)
  • Kingsway High School (Day School)

Western Cape:

  • Bishops Diocesan College
  • St Cyprian’s High School
  • Rustenburg Girls’ High School
  • Rondebosch Boys’ High School
  • Rhenish Girls’ High School
  • The Settlers High School (Day School)
  • Westerford High School (Day School)

What It Covers

The Scholarship programme provides access to quality high school education. We aim to establish passion in the selected Scholars and develop their potential to become self-starting, high-impact entrepreneurs.

The Scholarship covers the following:

  • Full tuition and boarding fees
  • A monthly allowance (pocket money)
  • A travel subsidy
  • Stationery and prescribed books
  • Toiletries, school uniforms and casual clothing
  • Support for extra-mural activities

Scholars also have access to an entrepreneurial development programme. This ensures their continued progress by providing additional leadership and entrepreneurial development opportunities.

We understand that the transition to a new school can be challenging. The Foundation provides additional support to Scholars to ensure a smooth and successful transition into their new environments.

How to Apply

Do you have big plans for the future? Do you dream of ideas that could better the world?

If you think you have what it takes to be a future boss entrepreneur, apply to join our Scholarship programme and become one of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s community of current and future entrepreneurs.

Please note that 2019 applications close on 13 September 2019 at 17:00pm (CAT). The 2020 application process will open in July 2020.

The Criteria

For South Africa:

  • Applicant has to be a South African citizen
  • Applicant must be in Grade 6 this year (2019) to apply
  • A minimum of 70% in English and mathematics (Grade 5-6)
  • A minimum of 70% in Numeracy and Literacy in the Foundation’s Scholarship exam. (After the application process, we select eligible candidates and invite them to write the Scholarship exam. We then use the exam results with the primary school results to shortlist for interviews.)
  • Candidates must not be older than 12 years of age and not younger than 11 years of age in grade 6.
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Demonstrate the following entrepreneurial characteristics:
    • Intellectual Imagination: Enjoys being creative
    • Achievement Excellence: Set high standards for themselves
    • Courageous Commitment: Must be determined to finish tasks they start. Must not give up
    • Spirit of Significance: Wants to make a difference
    • Personal Initiative: Takes initiative

The Process

  • Complete and submit your application forms and all supporting documentation by 13 September 2019.
  • All applicants will receive an SMS to acknowledge receipt of their application within a month after the closing date.
  • Applicants will be shortlisted based on academic performance and financial need.
  • Successful candidates will be called within two months after the closing date and invited to write an exam. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified via sms.
  • Successful candidates will be invited for interviews. One-on-one interviews take place between February and March 2020
  • Thereafter, successful candidates will be invited to for psychometric testing
  • If successful at the psychometric phase, the Foundation will recommend the candidates to the placement schools.
  • Recommended candidates will be invited to the placement schools for interviews.
  • Candidates whose recommendations are approved by the placement schools will be awarded the Scholarship.
  • Once the Scholarship is awarded, the Foundation, placement school and the Scholar’s custodian sign a Memorandum of Agreement.
  • All successful candidates will know which school they will be attending the following year by August 2020.
  • From interview stage to psychometric testing and final selection, all communication takes place via telephone. The selection process takes about eleven months in total.


The Foundation runs in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland. High school Scholarships for Grade 8 to Grade 12 learners are offered in South Africa only.

Post-Matric Scholarships are offered in Botswana and Swaziland. Botswana and Swaziland Scholarships are specifically offered to candidates that have applied for the Fellowship and who require a post-Matric qualification to get access to a South African university.

The Foundation operates in countries where Allan Gray Limited is represented and, therefore, offers opportunities to citizens of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland.

Applications for South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland close on different dates. Please go to the How to Apply page of the Scholarship section for more information.

If you are a South African you can only apply when you are in Grade 6. If you apply in Grade 5 or Grade 7, your application will not be accepted.

If you are from Botswana or Swaziland, you cannot apply for a full high school Scholarship. The Scholarship in these countries is for post-Matric only. Botswana and Swaziland Scholarships are specifically offered to candidates who have applied for the Fellowship and who require a post-Matric qualification to gain access to a South African university.

No. There is only one opportunity to become part of the Scholarship programme, and that is to apply when in Grade 6 in South Africa. We select and support learners for the whole duration of high school starting in Grade 8, provided they maintain their marks.

The Botswana and Swaziland Scholarships are offered to candidates that have applied for the Fellowship and who require a post-Matric qualification to gain access to a South African university.

We work with a select group of partner schools and will only provide funding for learners who choose to attend one of these schools. Candidates will receive all the necessary communication from the Foundation. The Foundation places the Scholars, so they don’t need to find a school or make contact with the school until the Foundation tells them to.

There is a strong likelihood of boarding. However, each of our Scholar’s personal circumstances is taken into consideration before recommendations are made.

No. Upon successful graduation from the Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship, you will have to follow the standard application process specified for your country to become an Allan Gray Orbis Candidate Fellow.

Yes. It’s possible to lose your Scholarship should you fail to maintain the academic requirements and should you fail to keep to the agreed upon terms and conditions of the Memorandum of Agreement that governs the Scholarship Award. However, we take an active interest in all our Scholars and will do our best to give you all the support you need to maintain and excel in your studies.

No. Upon acceptance of the Scholarship, you will not be able to change from one school to another.