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Preparing learners for an expotential future

Preparing learners for an expotential future

Anthony SelleyAnthony Selley

Having completed his BBusSci degree at UCT, Ant taught for four years at Wynberg Boys’ High School. It was here that he came across Khan Academy with its self-paced learning methodology. This inspired further exploration and before long he became an evangelist for self-paced, self-directed and project-based learning. After spending some time with the Uncollege programme in San Francisco, Ant returned to run extra-mural schools’ programmes of his own – with a focus on self-directed projects and entrepreneurship.

He now consults with the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation as the project manager for the Blue Helix game. Set to reach 27 000 students in 2017, the game develops entrepreneurial mindsets through a set of fun and action-oriented challenges. The students earn points for their challenge submissions and compete for top honours on the leaderboard.


Micheal FichardtMichael Fichardt

Michael Fichardt is an entrepreneur, technologist and investment professional. He has worked in the banking, private equity, energy and technology sectors, investing in and building projects and companies. He holds a BCom, an MBA, a Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainability and is a recent graduate of Singularity University’s Global Solutions Programme. He is passionate about the potential of technology to positively change the world.




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