Nceku Nyathi and Prof Pedro Tabensky on what it means to be ethical. | Allan Gray Orbis Foundation
Nceku Nyathi and Prof Pedro Tabensky on what it means to be ethical.

Nceku Nyathi and Prof Pedro Tabensky on what it means to be ethical.


Prof. Tabensky is the director of the newly formed Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics (AGCLE), nested in the Department of Philosophy,Rhodes University. A central aim of the AGCLE is to help transform the South African tertiary education sector and the educational sector in general, in addition to making transformative interventions in businesses and government. Prof. Tabensky is the author of Happiness: Personhood, Community and Purpose the editor of and contributor to Judging and Understanding: Essays on Free Will, Narrative, Meaning and the Ethical Limits of Condemnation and of The Positive Function of Evil. He is currently working on a solo authored book provisionally entitled Anti- Perfectionist Ethics, which he aims to complete in 2016.

Nceku Nyathi is a Senior Lecturer at the Allan Gray Centre for Values Based Leadership. The Allan Gray Centre for Values Based Leadership was established in 2011 at the UCT Graduate School of Business in association with the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. The first of its kind in South Africa, the centre is dedicated to exploring new ways of doing business based on purpose, sustainability, and responsible practices that create dignity and belonging. Nceku previously I worked at The Open University Business School and The University of Leicester, School of Management. He is also a founding executive of the Africa Academy of Management. He has a Bsc (Hons) from Cirencester, an MA from Warwick and PhD from University of Leicester. From 2010-2012 he was part of Advancing Business Learning for Employability in Ghana a collaboration between The Open University Business School, and five top Ghana’s Business Schools to promote modern management education through active learning, experiential and reflective learning as well as employer engagement to produce high quality graduates.

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