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Jay Kloppenburg on Leadership

Jay Kloppenburg on Leadership

Jay Kloppenburg-200Jay Kloppenburg is Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the African School for Excellence. While working in South Africa in 2010, Jay was moved by the tremendous accomplishments of many low-income South Africans and understanding the vast unrealised potential among township youth. In 2013 Jay found a bricks and mortar school in Tsakane, on the East Rand of Johannesburg, with co-founder Nonhlanhla Masina. It’s a proven success with all 170 scholars having exceeded national averages in maths and English, some cum laude, this academic year. In 2015 Kloppenberg will welcome 120 new scholars to the school’s Grade 7, while their peers progress into Grade 8 and 9. By 2018, African School for Excellence’s first scholars will matriculate.

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