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Tribute to Madiba

Tribute to Madiba

nelson-mandelaThe Allan Gray Orbis Foundation joins the entire nation and indeed the world in honouring and paying respect to a life that has touched us all. The passing of former president Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is a moment to reflect on the enormous legacy that he has left and to redouble our efforts to ensure that we carry on to completion the nation building enterprise that he and others made possible .

His life will always inspire us to fully harness the possibilities that he created for this country as we invest in individuals who are given the opportunity to steward the flame of hope that he lit so brightly for this country; helping to take us all into a future bearing  the hallmarks of his greatest aspirations for the nation to which his entire life was so whole heartedly dedicated.

His values, humanity and leadership stand as a towering example for the entire community of Allan Gray Scholars and Fellows.  You will not be forgotten. Rest in peace, Madiba.

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