The End of A Decade and The End of An Era – Bidding our Chairman Farewell

The End of A Decade and The End of An Era – Bidding our Chairman Farewell

AGO(16.04.22) 463It is with some sadness and almost disbelief that we come to the end of an era with our Chairman of the Board, Futhi Mtoba, finishing her final allowed term as a trustee.  She was one of the founding trustees of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and the last woman standing, so to speak. After serving a full decade we bid farewell to her at the end of April.

Futhi has overseen the Foundation’s growth from its first 20 beneficiaries all those years ago to the current pipeline of nearly 750 high-potential individuals at all stages of life from attending high school through to crafting careers and heading up enterprises. There can be few better ways to capture her seminal contribution to the Foundation than to reflect on the reality that it is very difficult to even imagine the Foundation without her wisdom and leadership.

We have been fortunate as an institution to be served by a person of such character, energy and determination. There is a powerful dynamic created when the overall leader of the Foundation serves as such a significant role model for the values and impact to which we aspire for our Allan Gray Fellows. Futhi’s entire life has been about pioneering new possibilities, whether it be in the accounting field or, more recently, in education. We could not have found a more appropriate leader as we sought to pioneer greater entrepreneurial capacity in South Africa for the common good.

We wish her well as she concludes her Foundation journey but know that she will always be part of our family. The impact of her legacy will continue to live on in the endeavours of our Allan Gray Fellows.

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