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Talented Talent – Angelinah Moekena

Talented Talent – Angelinah Moekena

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.59.03 PMScholarship Selection Officer, Angelinah Mokoena, grew up dreaming of a job that would help her empower and give back to the community. That dream, coupled with the “business vein” she had always noticed inside her, made working at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation an obvious choice. The mechanics of how she landed up at the Foundation, however, might be attributed to chance. Yet she readily acknowledges why she daily chooses to stay: “I choose to be here today because of my drive to impact lives, to create opportunities and, above all, to empower and develop others to become the future change agents that will change our socioeconomic status.”

The Foundation’s belief in entrepreneurial development is something very close to her heart.

In fact, her dream for South Africa is to see it grow and blossom to its fullest potential. “Every individual out there is sitting with a calling and potential to rise above their current situations and all of this can be achieved by fostering education and development of entrepreneurs in South Africa.” She believes that her contribution as a Selection Officer plays a vital role in fulfilling this dream as she helps identify learners who have entrepreneurial potential. Her role includes the recruitment and placement of these learners once they have been awarded Scholarships. In addition, she also manages relationships with internal and external stakeholders in the schooling context.

This dream of a blossoming country is brought even closer by her personal entrepreneurial efforts. As the recent winner of the Efinity Competition, Angelinah was able to secure R75 000 worth of web development for her range of accessories called Forever Me by Angie Mokoena. The prize included a pay fast online payment facility, a photo shoot of all her products, warehousing and courier services to her clients.

When she entered the competition early in June this year her attitude was one of: “Let me just fill this form,” believing that it would not lead to anything. It was only at the point where I was shortlisted that I actually believed I had the potential to win and, as a result, I put a lot more effort into defining what the brand stood for and why I thought I deserved to win. Forever me by Angie Mokoena currently offers a wide range of ladies’ and men’s accessories. The brand was born out of a long-term struggle with self-confidence and a deep desire to educate people about styling, self-image and sourcing quality at good prices.

Angelinah’s future aspirations for her business includes the launch of clothing and shoes for men, women and toddlers as well as seeing the business grow across Africa. Staying true to her childhood wish to empower and give back, she will also focus, in part on sourcing talent by creating opportunities for potential designers and artists to partner with her in delivering good quality clothing at reasonable prices.


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