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Scholars National Development Camp

Scholars National Development Camp

camp 8&9The picturesque town of Hermanus recently provided the backdrop to the development camp for Grade 8 and 9 Scholars that was held at the Habonim camp site. It marked a very exciting time for the Scholarship Programme because for the first time the National Development Camp would be integrated with the Candidate Fellows’ Connect Camp and their LEGACY PROJECT.

The National Development Camp is the part of the Foundation Scholarship Programme where Scholars can demonstrate their developability in terms of entrepreneurial mindset and behaviours as well as personal mastery.

Scholars shared in enjoyable and interactive activities that aimed to reinforce the principles, practice and philosophy of entrepreneurship, specifically the Foundation’s focus on developing an entrepreneurial mindset. They took part in entrepreneurial pitching sessions as well as fun games and contests that promoted healthy competition and a sense of community among the Scholars as a group. The Grade 9 Scholars sat for psychometric tests geared towards helping them make subject choices for their Grade 10 year. During this time the Grade 8 Scholars had a session on their own during which a development psychologist helped them become better equipped for high school.

The Scholars also interacted with the second-year Candidate Fellows. It turned the camp into more than just a weekend of training in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. In addition it became one in which they met and engaged with older, wiser versions of people who were once just like them – learners in Grade 8 and 9. These interactions no doubt added a realness to their dreams. Dreams of one day also being a Candidate Fellow and an entrepreneur.


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