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Scholars accepted into Fellowship

Scholars accepted into Fellowship


At the end of last year, from the third Allan Gray Scholarship Matric Cohort in 2014, eight Allan Gray Scholars were selected as Candidate Allan Gray Fellows at university. This is the latest chapter in a story that began in 2007.


Back in 2007, the Foundation was concerned at the depth of the pool of applicants to the Allan Gray Fellowship.  It was therefore decided to initiate the Allan Gray Scholarship, identifying deserving candidates with great potential at the end of primary school, who would be placed in leading high schools across South Africa as a mechanism to give these learners a powerful platform from which to succeed in their ultimate application for the Allan Gray Fellowship at the end of matric.


The purpose of the Allan Gray Scholarships is thus very clear – it is to increase the pipeline of talented young South Africans that can be accepted as Candidate Allan Gray Fellows. It is for this reason that we celebrate the eight Allan Gray Scholars that have now realised this vision and continue their journey with the Foundation into tertiary education.


We congratulate these eight Scholars on joining the ranks of the Fellowship. We look forward to them continuing their journey with the Foundation and four years ahead, having excelled at university both academically and entrepreneurially, to enter into the next phase of the overall vision through being admitted as Allan Gray Fellows into the Association of Allan Gray Fellows. At that point, including selection there will be a 10 year journey with the Foundation for these eight individuals – an indication of our belief in taking a long term approach. Yet we remain convinced that even an initial 10 year investment will look insignificant relative to the ultimate impact that these individuals will have in shaping the future of South Africa.


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