A Passion for Mentorship by Mbali Mncwabe | Allan Gray Orbis Foundation
A Passion for Mentorship by Mbali Mncwabe

A Passion for Mentorship by Mbali Mncwabe

IMG_4413 2Over the years I have started leaning towards the philosophy that dictates, “if it does not have meaning, it is not worth doing”. The more I exercise this, the more I find that I experience greater fulfilment in all that I do.  I also no longer experience a separation between one area of my life and another since my values are not in conflict with my lifestyle. Rather my life feels whole because everything I do speaks to my values and thus it all ties together. This is the reason I chose the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

Just over 2 years ago I made a decision to leave the United States, where I resided for 24 years, along with my sons to explore a new life in my country of origin. This was not an easy decision, but it resonated with me. I felt the need to make a contribution to my country after being blessed with tremendous exposure in the US, as a student, a working professional and an entrepreneur.

After my return I took my time to settle in. My values called for it and it was well worth it because a year and a half later, I came across the Allan Gray Orbis opportunity and knew it was the right place for me. I have been amazed by the values, passion and resources that the Foundation invests in South Africa’s youth and I feel extremely optimistic and enthusiastic about the future of our youth. Mentorship is a crucial step that helps to usher our youth into the next phase of their personal and professional lives and I am honoured to serve the Foundation in the capacity of Mentor Manager.

My dream for South Africa is to see more organisations and individuals establishing and investing in programmes that benefit our youth in a similar fashion as Mr Gray did. The future belongs to the youth and we must do everything necessary to empower them.

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