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New Beneficiaries Join the Foundation

New Beneficiaries Join the Foundation

33 new Allan Gray Scholars and 105 new Candidate Allan Gray Fellows have been inducted into the Scholarship and Fellowship Programmes respectively. They were welcomed and introduced to the Foundation, the Programme teams and Programme curriculums during that orientation events that were held in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng.

The Scholarship Orientation

The new Allan Gray Scholars were joined by their custodians, current Allan Gray Scholars, their custodians and graduated Scholars as well as their custodians. The mixture of new, current and former beneficiaries allowed for a lot of personal engagement with the experience of the Scholarship Programme and Placement Schools.

During one of the five orientation sessions, current and former Scholars and custodians shared their personal stories. The other sessions were dedicated to acknowledging the new Scholars’ Grade 7 results, introducing the Foundation’s Scholarship Team, discussing the curriculum content and listening to the new Scholars’ presentations about their Placement Schools. (They were tasked to do research about their chosen school.)

The 2015 Orientation also marked the first official engagement between the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and Standard Bank. Their Tutuwa Programme’s eight Tutuwa Scholars and custodians also joined the orientation event.

The Fellowship Orientation

IMG_7467Unlike the orientation event held for Scholars, the Fellowship Orientation events are mandatory for both new and current Candidate Allan Gray Fellows. In addition to encouraging cohesion between the old and new beneficiaries, the attendance of the annual orientation event throughout the four years of the candidate’s journey with the Foundation encourages the beneficiaries’ consistent engagement. It also allows the Foundation to keep beneficiaries informed of any Programme and process changes made in the quest to stay on the cutting edge of the latest entrepreneurial trends.

This year the Fellowship cohorts engaged regionally, at Belmont Square, Rondebosch, in the Western Cape and at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, Johannesburg, in Gauteng. A total of 264 Candidate Allan Gray Fellows attended both events. New beneficiaries were formally awarded the Fellowship and received certification. A special awards ceremony was also held to acknowledge existing Candidate Allan Gray Fellows who have excelled beyond the mandatory requirements of the Fellowship Programme by making the most of the iShift Cognician and Ignitions programmes.

A new, refined Fellowship Programme curriculum were also introduced at the event. The new curriculum’s alignment to the Learning Outcomes and Success Profile were discussed. Based on the lively interaction between beneficiaries and their questions during the various information sessions, there’s no doubt that all the orientation events were successful.

If you would like to be one of the Foundation’s beneficiaries in 2017, be sure to send your application before the following dates:

Fellowship applications

  • South Africa: Grade 12 learners should apply before 29 April 2016.
  • South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana: 1st Year University students should apply before 31 August 2016.
  • Swaziland: Grade 12 learners should apply before 31 May 2016.
  • Namibia: Grade 12 learners should apply before 1 June 2016.
  • Application forms are available on our Fellowship webpage.

Scholarship applications

  • Current Grade 6 learners can only apply for placement in 2018. Applications will open in June this year. Please visit our Scholarship webpage for regular updates.


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