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Growing with purpose by Ingrid Kalie-Moses

Growing with purpose by Ingrid Kalie-Moses

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I am inspired by the challenge of forging a new path. My main strengths lie in organising myself and others so I perform best in a role where I can offer discerning advice and direction. For example, I’m good at organising a group to take responsibility for the vision and mission entrusted to them and for the fulfilling of each one’s own individual purpose on the journey.

The challenging and stimulating environment that the Foundation offers is what drew me to first apply for the position of Programme Projects and Data Manager. I wanted to develop my skills and expertise and position myself to become a senior manager and business leader.

My interest in initiatives that encourage social responsibility and my passion for the development of individuals so that they are empowered to fulfil their destiny are echoed in the Foundation’s vision, mission and values. By working here I’ve received all that I asked for and so much more.

Because I joined the Foundation just over a year into its existence my growth became intimately entwined with the Foundation’s growth. As the organisation expanded so too did my knowledge and skills. It was invaluable to transition from one role to another and be involved in various projects. It afforded me the opportunity to work with exceptional the Foundation’s exceptional Talent – people who are passionate about developing future entrepreneurs and embodying the values and ethos of the Foundation.

I have also been touched by the many Fellowship and Scholarship applicants over the years. Their resilience, intelligence, zeal and commitment have been nothing short of inspiring. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to see them grow and mature.

People often comment on the fervor I project when I speak about the Foundation. This is because the mission and vision of the Foundation so resonates with my core values and passions that it feels like I am fulfilling my calling instead of just doing a job.

Through my engagement with people from diverse backgrounds and my engagement with the Foundation’s development programmes I have realised that true empowerment comes from self-knowledge. Our responses to the world can be better managed when we know our strengths, weaknesses, our triggers and how we show up in various contexts. There is still a lot of hurt woven into the fabric of our South African society. This hurt probably stems from the past as well as a sense of despair from unfulfilled expectations, especially socio-economic expectations. My hopes and dreams for South Africans are that we do not lose hope. We have a better chance of doing this when we know ourselves better.

May we not lose Hope

Hope in our individual abilities to make a difference.
Hope in our abilities to find new solutions to old and recurring problems.
Hope that we will be able to influence our leaders to be accountable for their decisions and wipe out corruption.
Hope that collectively we can make this country a better place to live in for our children and future generations and,
Hope that as a country we can realise the possibilities that comes with being a unified nation.

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