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Foundation Selection Summit

Foundation Selection Summit

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.37.03 AMIn September 2013, the Foundation conducted its first Selection Summit – the purpose of which was to create clarity around our selection practices and processes.

The programme included reflections on the Foundation’s selection journey since inception and provided an overview of the Foundation’s Success Profile (as developed by Deloitte) and how it translates to our selection tools.

The Scholarship and Fellowship Selection teams also presented their 2013 awareness campaigns, with discussions around best marketing and awareness strategies, and what the selection and final decision making processes entailed. In addition, the Summit included workshops aimed at mapping key challenges and recommendations from Foundation Talent (staff) who regularly participate in selection processes.

Selection Summit 2015 was hosted from 29 to 30 September 2015. It contextualised the Foundation’s selection processes within the broader South African educational landscape and explored the notion of selecting for entrepreneurial potential.

The Summit included a review of the Foundation’s selection tools, and the alignment between selection and curriculum development activities. Leading experts, such as Professor Servaas van der Berg, presented the latest findings on the education landscape.

The audio recordings for the Summit will be available on the Foundation website by November 2015 when we launch the new Resources page on our site.

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