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Foundation Admission’s Ceremony

Foundation Admission’s Ceremony

IMG_5593The Admissions Event of the Association of Allan Gray Fellows is a highlight of every Candidate Fellow’s journey, second only to their graduation from university. It marks a Candidate Fellow’s progression from Candidate Fellow to Fellow. On this day the successful Candidate Fellows are awarded certificates admitting them into the Association of Allan Gray Fellows. Certain achievements for excellence in entrepreneurship, academics and mentoring are also recognised at the ceremony and families and friends are invited to witness the admission of the Candidate Fellows into the Association.

This year’s Admissions Event was held on Saturday, 7 March, at Allan Gray Limited in Cape Town. The group of 2015 consisted of 53 Fellows. Sadly there was one important omission from this group in Nnete Malebo who passed away last year.

Acknowledging the success of Fellows at an event like this is significant because it signals the completion of a four-year long journey. The journey to become a Fellow is a difficult one and this event serves as a recognition of those who have put in the effort and succeeded in making it into the Association.

IMG_5581The Admissions Event also signals the next phase of a Fellow’s journey. Fellows enter the Association with the entrepreneurial mindset they developed during the Fellowship Programme. The Association provides the Fellows with tools and opportunities to enhance their personal leadership development, their networks within and beyond the Foundation Community and their entrepreneurial activity.

By virtue of being part of the Association Community, Fellows with bright ideas and big plans are given the tools to implement these. And that in itself is a cause for celebrating their admission into the Association of Allan Gray Fellows.

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