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Fellowship Year Equip Connect Event

Fellowship Year Equip Connect Event

Fellows Year Equip ConnectThe Fellowship Year Equip Connect event was held on the 21 – 23 March 2013 in Villiersdorp, Western Cape, and was attended by Candidate-Fellows from the Foundation in their second year of university.

The Year Equip Connect Event acts as a catalyst, encouraging Candidate-Fellows to explore their areas of personal development that will lead to a greater Spirit of Significance. The event aims to reinforce the sense of community developed in the students’ first year at university, as well as to introduce new Candidate-Fellows who have joined the community in their second year of studies. This event helps solidify these relationships, with the aim of ensuring more effective impact as the Fellows partner together in future. The sense of understanding that is developed looks at all levels of community – the Fellowship, the communities the Fellows come from and the communities in Southern Africa – specifically those in distress.

The Candidate-Fellows engaged with local schools in the Villiersdorp community, providing them with the opportunity to work with disadvantaged learners. The interaction aimed to inspire the learners, giving them hope and confidence in themselves. The Candidate-Fellows engaged with two groups – a cohort of Grade 9’s they had interacted with in 2012, and a cohort of Grade 7’s from Elands River Primary School.

The resulting interaction – both amongst the Candidate-Fellows and with the learners from the Villiersdorp community, provided the Candidate-Fellows with a platform to conceptualise how they can make an impact after the event. The Candidate-Fellows were tasked with a Legacy challenge: a three-year project where they were challenged with creating something that could effect social change.

Immanuel Commarmond, Fellowship Regional Manager, said: “The Connect event has influenced the Candidate-Fellows to work cross-regionally on a Legacy Project. It has been just over three months since the event and the Candidate-Fellows have already submitted a draft proposal that shows potential to leave a legacy of significance within the community of Allan Gray Scholars. This proposal will now be reviewed and the project will commence after a brief planning session at Jamboree.  I look forward to seeing the impact this has on many lives, in a way that is both sustainable and significant.”



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