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Fellowship Graduation – Class of 2011

Fellowship Graduation – Class of 2011

On 18th February 2012, the Foundation Fellowship was proud to graduate 45 of its Fellows at an intimate event held at The Holiday Inn in Sandton. This event was attended by all of the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng graduates, in addition to a large number of well-wishers. The event is significant in the Foundation calendar as it serves to acknowledge the hard work and achievements of the Graduates, who will ultimately be at the forefront of the continuing economic and social transformation of our country.

Through the work of the Graduates, the vision of Mr. Allan Gray, the Foundation’s benefactor, will be realised- particularly his belief that the most significant investment is that of and in human capital. The Foundation has every confidence of the cumulative mark these 45 Graduates will make as they individually continue along their chosen paths.

In his keynote speech, Professor Walter Baets, Head of the Allan Gray Leadership Centre at UCT, discussed the necessity for values-based leadership in the country as a means of taking the nation forward. This speech reaffirmed the values the Foundation has entrenched in the Graduates, and the Foundation is confident that with the Graduates’ integration into the wider society, the impact of values-based leadership will be realised.

Given the Foundation’s belief that the Graduates are leaders who will activate opportunities and serve in the African leadership spirit of Ubuntu, they were invited to continue their journey with the Foundation. Through their induction into the Association of Fellows, they will continue to contribute towards the Foundation’s pillars of Achievement Excellence; Intellectual Imagination; Personal Initiative; Spirit of Significance and Courageous Commitment, and be able to remain connected to a community intent on transforming the social and economic landscape of our country.

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