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Fellowship Connect Community Camp

Fellowship Connect Community Camp

equip campAll Candidate Fellows, in their second year (Year Equip) of the Fellowship Programme, have the opportunity to engage, in a very real way, with one of the Foundation’s Pillars, the Spirit of Significance. They are allowed to step out of the life they know – the familiar campus surroundings and academic endeavours – for a weekend to discover their voice as a group and get a taste of their collective potential. Siphokazi Mbatani reflects on this experience.

“As we gathered for the first time as an entire year group, we each had our own ideas and expectations about the plan and programme of the weekend ahead. Individually we are all strong leaders and innovators, yet as a community there seemed to be a disconnect. However, none of us could have anticipated the growth we would have experienced individually and as a group in just a short weekend.

Interacting with driven Grade 8 and 9 Allan Gray Scholars reminded us of our individual journeys, specifically where we had all come from and where we still wanted to go. We agreed that after only a year at university we had all thoroughly realised the importance of staying true to oneself. This would be the message we would convey. The day with the Scholars was both inspiring and humbling.

Connect Camp helped us find our centre as a year group. We determined what we wanted to achieve and how we wanted to do it. This time away allowed us to foster a sense of community as well as lay a foundation in respect of the impact we wanted to leave through LEGACY PROJECT. It also provided a much-needed escape from the stress and pressure that had become everyday life for us.

By the end of the weekend the camp’s theme song ‘we want to have a Spirit of Significance and we want to make an impact’ resonated in our hearts ever more strongly.”

By Siphokazi Mbatani

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