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Fellowship 2013 at a Glance

Fellowship 2013 at a Glance

Allan Gray Orbis Foundation National Jamboree, Spier, Western Cape.Each year a number of graduating Candidate Fellows are invited into the Allan Gray Fellowship community. This year we were again joined by a diverse group of passionate and creative individuals.

The Foundation’s long-term vision of creating high-impact entrepreneurs starts with creating an environment in which these individuals can discover who they are and express themselves fully. Before long our Candidate Fellows’ efforts of discovery and expression become evident and we cannot help but be proud of their achievements.

This year Candidate Fellows have been extremely busy, doing what they love and are passionate about. Their endeavours show the degree of significance they wish to have in the Southern Africa context, today and in the future. The individual and collective achievements of our Candidate Fellows are showcased in the Snapshot Review of 2013.

In this issue of IMAGINE we also share in the experiences of two of our Fellows. Mashokane Mahlo tells us about her experience at an international youth conference in Mashokane at One Young World and we take a look at why Daniel Ndima is Head and Shoulders Above the Rest.

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