Farewell and thank you to one of the real servants of the Foundation

Farewell and thank you to one of the real servants of the Foundation

XY3A1253On Tuesday, March 24th 2015 the Foundation held its Ninth Annual General Meeting (“AGM”). The event was tinged with some sadness as it brought to an end Mahesh Cooper’s nine years of service as a Trustee.  Mahesh has thus been a Trustee of the Foundation since its inception and it is difficult to imagine the organisation moving forward without the comfort of his wise guidance and thoughtful input.

From the earliest days Mahesh was always more than willing to get fully involved, well beyond his Trustee responsibilities, not least being an assessor at the first few Fellowship selection camps in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  Mahesh’s contribution has certainly not been limited to only the South African Foundation.  He initially served as a Trustee of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundations in Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland.  In addition he continues to serve as a Trustee of E2, with which he has been involved since its inception.   It is very evident that any impact the overall mission may have yet effected has been built on the solid foundation provided by Mahesh’s contribution.

Mahesh’s outstanding service to the Foundation was marked with a special ceremony at the end of the AGM where a representative Allan Gray Scholar and Fellow expressed their appreciation for the work that Mahesh has carried out so diligently for the Foundation.  He was presented with a Bonsai tree, symbolic of how we hope the seeds he has planted at the Foundation grow into a mighty oak across the nation, as well as a plaque commemorating his  ‘achievement excellence’ over all these years.

Mahesh will be replaced on the Board of Trustees, by Allan Gray Executive, Seema Dala.


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