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Eduvator Wins at Design Indaba

Eduvator Wins at Design Indaba

From left: Blaise Dobson, Jacqui-Noluthando Watson, Executive Mayor Alderman Patricia de Lille, Batandwa Alperstein, Mbali Sikakana – Image by Hayley De Vantier

Seven Allan Gray Fellows have banded together to launch a social enterprise called ‘Eduvator’. Galvanised by the Association of Allan Gray Fellows Startership Challenge, their collaboration was borne out of a desire to contribute towards solving the urgent crisis in South Africa’s education system. The concept involves a crowd-sourced funding platform that allows citizens to donate a small contribution, which is then used to make improvements to the classroom environments of underprivileged schools. Benefactors are able to observe the results of their contributions in real time, via a technological platform.

In October 2012, E2 pledged a once-off grant to support the seven Allan Gray Fellows in their goal of making Eduvator a reality. Since then, the Eduvator team has been prototyping and testing the concept of crowd-sourcing solutions for underprivileged schools in South Africa. Recently, the group was excited to receive news that Design Indaba had committed an additional R50 000 in seed funding to the project, via their Your Street Live Challenge. All seven Fellows are thoroughly enjoying the collaborative working space they are occupying as well as the challenge of directing their entrepreneurial efforts towards addressing a critical need in South Africa.

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