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Dr. Marks Ensuring Impact

Dr. Marks Ensuring Impact

3P14-34_AGOF102My role at the Foundation is Head of Impact Assurance (IA).  In my early engagement before taking on this role, I compared the role and function of IA to creating a well of knowledge, experience and intellectual rigour upon which the Foundation could draw in conducting its day-to-day work.  My specific role is to act as the originator and curator of this ‘well’ and to help grow the capacity internally in the Foundation to keep the well full and useful.  Doing this work was part of what motivated me to join the Foundation; it felt like a naturally extension of my work as both an entrepreneur and an entrepreneurship scholar and academic.  The work at the Foundation is by no means a culmination of any well thought through life plan; my life has taken many twists and turns (from selling real estate to being a theatre usher), what is common through most of my life activities has been a focus on being entrepreneurial. It’s only in the latter part of my life since completing my PhD that I have begun to focus on the philosophy of entrepreneurship. South Africa is a country absolutely pregnant with possibility, but it is also a deeply wounded country and one that daily enacts a fragile balance between this possibility and opportunity and the woundedness and challenges.  I don’t have hopes and dreams for the country, but I have hopes and dreams for my role in the country.  These are largely around using my talents and skills to the broader betterment of others; not in an evangelical way, but in a quiet, intelligent and useful way. Education and in specific entrepreneurship education is a slow, at times painful, but also rewarding process.  It needs to be undertaken with great care, enthusiasm and most importantly a sense of fun and passion.  I hope that my work at the Foundation and my continued work as an entrepreneurship educator reflects this belief.

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