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The Association of Allan Gray Fellows

The Association of Allan Gray Fellows

Association 2The Association of Allan Gray Fellows has continued to make strides over the first half of this year building on successes from 2012. The outcome of the Startership Seminar continues to bear fruit with our seven Allan Gray Fellows activity engaged in breathing life into the Eduvator entrepreneurial initiative. We expect them to launch in the second half of 2013.

Meanwhile Allan Gray Fellows Jacqui Watson , Wandile Mabanga, Batandwa Alperstein and I have made ourselves available to market the Fellowship opportunity for 2013 . We hope that there will be more opportunities for the Association to contribute towards the Foundation’s activities in the months to come.

In February we welcomed 53 new Allan Gray Fellows into the fold after their successful graduation from the Allan Gray Fellowship. Some of the new Allan Gray Fellows have already joined Portfolio Committees across the regions and are working to realize the Association’s vision and mission.

Whilst reflecting on last year, the Executive Committee acknowledged the need to define and build a found of culture for the Association, one that would be characterised by a cohesive community that is fun, trustworthy, supportive, competitive, socio-economically engaged and politically aware. This has become the lens through which we have been assessing whether our activities trigger these aspects of community whilst contributing to the Association’s overall vision and mission.

The Executive Committee will undergo a leadership transition at the end of 2013 with a new Committee being elected to office. We are currently putting in place procedures and processes that will ensure a sustainable leadership succession pipeline and seamless transition.

However, in the words of Gordon Cook, the Association continues to be dissatisfied with the status quo in Southern Africa and we will continue to use the principles embedded in entrepreneurial leadership as the Foundation for all our initiatives, to ensure that we support the community in realising our long term vision; to create of sustainable long-term societal wealth. We welcome you to journey with us.

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