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The Association Choose New Executive Committee

The Association Choose New Executive Committee

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 9.20.30 AMAn impressive and very capable Association Executive Committee has been elected to lead the Association of Allan Gray Fellows through the next two years. The team brings a mix of skills, experience and interests that will allow the Association to take on some new flavour and have fresh insights and ideas. There is no doubt that the Association will be a richer network with a variety of successes to show as a result of the team’s commitment.

Mbali Sikakana will be taking over from Arushka Bugwandeen as President of the Association. With her background in accountancy and experience in strategy she will undoubtedly lead the Association to new heights. She put her hand up at a time that the Association saw a unique dilemma in finding committed candidates for the position – a true sign of her willingness to get involved when needed most.

The Ventures baton will be handed over from Ludwick Marishane to Sechaba Selialia who’s matching entrepreneurial flair and commitment to Fellows is most suited to the portfolio. Sechaba’s confidence and great sense of structure are fitting for his new role.

Lerato Shai will take over from Eunice Steyn in running the Community portfolio. Her open and determined nature form the right balance for taking on this massive task of keeping everyone connected and committed. Lerato has been involved and engaged throughout the previous term, emphasising her determination to keep the community together.

The Leadership portfolio will be handed over from Akosua Koranteng to Ngkopoleng Moloi (NK) who has shown a significant commitment to the portfolio for the last two years and will naturally step up to the plate in facilitating Fellows’ personal, professional and entrepreneurial leadership. NK’s measured and professional approach is the perfect match to a portfolio that is becoming a very powerful one.

Danisa Nkuna will pass on the role of Secretary General to Dorcas Molise. Dorcas’s involvement in forums over the last year has shown her desire to stay involved and contribute to the Association. She will undoubtedly bring a positive energy to the team.

In addition to this unshakable committee, there are several portfolio committee members that will play a crucial support function to the team – welcome to everyone who has volunteered to contribute to the various portfolios.

The unwavering commitment and drive the previous team has brought to the Association over the last two years also deserve a great thank you.

Akosua has changed the face of the Leadership portfolio; not letting any resistance affect her passion for development in society, particularly on this continent. Her hard work has given the portfolio a clear identity and direction. Thank you for pushing hard and confronting us all with the challenge of being better versions of ourselves. It’s people like you that keep the passion within us alive. Your kind and grounded personality perfectly complemented the portfolio and has been contagious over this time.

Ludwick has taken the Startership (now Ventures) portfolio from strength to strength, making it a place where every Fellow has the opportunity, support and the right amount of pressure to keep pursuing their business goals. Thanks for being the strong-willed and opinionated person that you are. You made a great fit for the portfolio and will leave big shoes to fill.

Eunice’s drive to keep the community going strong has been unmatched over this period. Despite Fellows often not meeting us halfway, Eunice never backed down. Your positive energy and your support in holding Fellows and the team accountable has been greatly appreciated. Your ability to manage many commitments at once is something very unique and you’ve been an invaluable contribution to the team.

Danisa has been the perfect balance between being efficient and thorough as a Secretary General and being open minded enough to temper conversations, include people’s ideas and incorporate feedback into building the Association’s brand. You bring a sense of calm to every situation that has made the team ever stronger and moved it forward.

This experience has been a worthwhile one because of you and your time and energy poured into the Association has made it a place for Fellows to thrive. Without a doubt you will all continue to give back via the Association or through other means and wish you all the best in that journey.

It’s only appropriate to thank Zimkhitha, Ntokozo, Mashokane, Muzi and the rest of the Foundation team for their commitment and support too. The tenure would have been very difficult without them and they have made the team richer over this period. Engaging Daniel, the new Association Director, and the new Executive team will be a pleasure as functions are handed over to their dedicated and capable hands.

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