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2015 National Fellowship Jamboree by Lethabo Tloubatla

2015 National Fellowship Jamboree by Lethabo Tloubatla

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.26.45 PMJuly 2015 saw the entire Candidate Fellow community come together for one of the biggest annual events on the Fellowship’s calendar – our annual Jamboree. This two-day event encourages the Candidate Fellows to engage with one another and equip themselves with skills and tools to start a venture. It is an environment filled with likeminded people who motivate each other to be model citizens. Candidate Fellows put into practice what they learn throughout the year:

  • identifying an inefficiency
  • coming up with a solution for that inefficiency

On 16 July our CEO, Anthony Farr, gave a presentation in celebration of the Foundation’s 10 Year Anniversary. It was the perfect precursor to an event full of bright ideas, immense contributions and learning.

The Jamboree’s opening address was delivered by Thembalihle Baloyi, the Founder and Managing Director of Discovery Insure. He encouraged our Candidate Fellows to not only dream big, but to always be authentic and become trailblazers in their field.

Over the course of the first day Candidate Fellows had one minute each to pitch their ideas – the inefficiency or solution they identified. This was followed by Open Space Conversations, allowing the rest of the Candidate Fellow community to question, add or share insights on the pitches. With collaboration being the focus, Open Space Conversations operated according to the Law of Two Feet: “If during the course of the conversation, one finds oneself neither learning nor contributing, one must use one’s feet and go to a more productive place.”

Running concurrently with the Open Space Conversations were the Entrepreneurship Masterclasses called Ignitions Live sessions. The first two sessions were facilitated, respectively, by Yuppie Chef Founder, Andrew Smith, who focused on perseverance and dealing with setbacks; and Jonathan Marks who gave insights and real accounts of action steps for taking off. The third and final Masterclass for the day was split into two, focusing on the education sector and the technology sector, respectively. Looking at entrepreneurial opportunities within the education sector was a panel of two Fellows – Douglas Hoernle and Zayne Imam of Rethink Education, Chris Harrison of Lebone, Kaeden Arnold of the Royal Bafokeng Institute and Naeem Ganey, a Candidate Fellow. The technology-focused Masterclass was presented by Luke Jordan of GrassRoot who discussed the notion of starting a Tech Business as a non-technical person.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.28.51 PMA total of 43 pitches were heard and 10 made it to the finals the following day. These pitches were presented to a panel of expert entrepreneurs who selected the three best ideas. Dewald Muller received the Innovation Award for his winning idea of a cross-subsidisation marketing process that gives companies direct access to the lower income market while enabling the lower income market to attain basic products at lower costs. The second and third prizes went to Dominic Obojkovitz and Dominic Koenig whose app ideas were based on, respectively, visualising a user’s music while providing them a game to play and a customisable alarm clock for one’s smart phone.

Click here to see the Jamboree in action.

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