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How was our blog in 2015?

How was our blog in 2015?

Our blog was launched on 19 February 2014 and every Tuesday (and occasionally on Thursdays) since then we’ve posted articles that have helped our readers explore how entrepreneurship can shape human potential for the greater good. These posts are categorised according to the following groups:

  • Advocacy Days
  • Case Studies
  • Entrepreneurship Conferences
  • Fellow Stories
  • Foundation
  • Guest Writer
  • Opportunities
  • Pillars
  • Social Commentary
  • Thought Leadership

The articles in each of the above categories have had varying success but you can only imagine our joy when we hit our 100th blog post – during Global Entrepreneurship Week no less. The milestone was a pleasant coincidence and cause to celebrate and reflect. Collectively, these 100 posts have had approximately 90 000 page views from a growing pool of nearly 1,700 subscribers. Here are some other celebratory stats about our blog:

  • Talent with a penchant for chocolate

Earlier this year we had an internal staff competition for Talent to guess the exact day and time when we would hit the 1 000th subscriber mark. Our Scholar Development Officer, Jason Pentz, walked away with the top chocolate prize when he, uncannily, guessed 12h39 on Monday 20 April. The correct time was actually 12h41 on Monday 20 April. We had two runner up prizes for Linzi Isaacs and Thabelang Rabotapi – they both guessed 14h30 on Monday 20 April. The worst guess (which earned her a boobie prize for being far off the mark) went to Rebecca Pillay when she guessed that we would have 1 000 subscribers at 21h00 on Wednesday 29 April at 21h00!

  • Mysterious Disney Magic

This Shape the Future post about how Walt Disney embodied our Pillars had the most views (7,800 to be exact). We’re still trying to figure out why this post was so popular because no other post in the Shape The Future series was as popular.

  • GEM gems

We posted two commentaries on the annual Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report. These posts deserve special mention because they were the 2nd and 3rd most-viewed with over 5,000 views each. Interestingly if you google “2014 South Africa GEM report” our blog is listed second only to the official GEM website!

  • Much-a-tweet about Fellows

A story about one of our Fellows (Alumni) Akosua Korangteng had the most tweets of all. 121 in total.

  • Most Retweeted

This post on the importance of mentoring had the highest retweet rate – 78 times in total.

  • Who likes excellence?

A case study on the impressive African Schools for Excellence had the most likes on Facebook – 291 in total.

  • And now for the not so popular (#hide)

The least viewed post (with 191 views) was a Shape the Future post on Arthur Nielsen. Clearly Market Investigating is not as enchanting as Disney!

We’re very proud of the repository on the entrepreneurial development process that our blog posts have allowed us to create. We look forward to continue contributing, like we have with the GEM Report commentaries, to the entrepreneurial culture in South Africa.

Thank you to everyone who has read, subscribed, recommended, forwarded, liked, tweeted, retweeted, and #taggged our posts. Let’s keep the blog ball rolling in 2016 and beyond! Happy Festive Season!

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