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Seeing through vision and not sight alone

Seeing through vision and not sight alone

Gcobisa Sotashe_smallBCom (Hons) graduate, @GcobisaSotashe, was admitted to the Association of Allan Gray Fellows in 2013. When she applied for the Fellowship in 2009 she already envisioned herself as a high impact entrepreneur. In the Fellows’ Yearbook she commented: “In the next seven years, I see myself as a business leader who is actively involved in driving the economy of my country.”

This commitment manifested itself at a young age. Growing up in East London, Gcobisa and her friends ran various businesses to raise money during the school holidays. This experience shaped her understanding of entrepreneurship significantly. “It taught me to think of alternative ways to raise money,” she says. The other important lesson that she carries from her childhood is that one will only go as far as one sees – having a vision in life is paramount.

It was a clear vision that carried her throughout her childhood and the Fellowship to her current role as a Trainee Accountant at a leading listed company. Innovation is at the heart of Gcobisa’s Chartered Accountancy training. She is constantly encouraged to add value to each business unit that she is seconded to by using every opportunity to contribute to key business decisions that the company makes.

Gcobisa is also involved in two committees of the Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa (ABASA) – the bursary committee being closest to her heart. Over and above these major commitments, she mentors small businesses in creating efficient and effective financial systems through Business Hub Johannesburg. In her personal capacity, Gcobisa also mentors a young lady who participated in the Foundation’s Raise-a-R100-Challenge last year. She intends to help her mentee raise adequate capital for her business.

She’s no doubt a mover and shaker but despite having a finger in every pie, Gcobisa is reluctant to call herself a multi-tasker. Her ultimate goal is to be a high impact entrepreneur, which she defines as ‘the creator of innovative businesses who addresses critical needs in society’.

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