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But how practical is it?

But how practical is it?

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Taking action, not just for action’s sake, and getting things done right, warrants a thorough consideration of the environment and putting all available resources to their best possible use.

Practicality is about using what is at hand in order to achieve your entrepreneurial objectives. Rapelang Rabana – CEO and co-founder of Yeigo Communications – knows all about the importance of practicality through the action she took as a graduate to establish and run the highly-successful software-development and telecoms company. Rabana used existing Wi-Fi infrastructure on university campuses to lauch the mobile VoIP market, allowing cash-strapped students to call and send texts through the more affordable medium of the internet.

rapelang rabanaThe simplicity of Rabana’s offering belies its sophistication and profitability. As with all other success stories, the three secret ingredients are:

  • use what you have
  • create something that solves other people’s problems
  • reap and replant the rewards

Practicality is about having the maturity to see the environment (replete with ever-changing technology, opportunities, enablers, limitations and challenges) and the resources presented to you as the fertile ground from which your seeds will grow.

This maturity stems from a certain type of personality – the kind of personality that exemplifies the Foundation’s Personal Initiative pillar. It is the personality of a self-starter whose voice booms: “I am Southern AfriCAN, not Southern AfriCANNOT!” Personal Initiative speaks to honing your innate skills and having the independence and confidence to use those skills.

All the internal pep talk in the world becomes empty words if it is not followed up with action. Actioning is a mindset that enables you to take a leap of faith and put what you believe about yourself (and your business idea) to the test.

Actioning is best done in a gradually-phased (or staged) fashion. The use of algorithms is one way to solve some of the problems which you may encounter in the different executions of your buiness idea. Actioning is about taking charge, being courageous and maintaining a teachable spirit so that corrective action can be taken should things not go as planned.

Personal Initiative and Actioning precede an attitude of Practicality – without which unneccessary delays, losses (of time, money and talent) and general frustrations ensue as you reinvent the wheel or get ahead of yourself by not timing your market properly. Being impractical makes you a hammer and everything around you a nail.

Practical entrepreneurs are able to preempt situations and justify their decisions and expectations because of the deep regard they have for what is at hand. The moral of the story is: always be practical in your entrepreneurial endeavours.


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