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2019 Impact Report

2019 Impact Report

Impact measurement avows the positive effect that the Foundation has on the South African entrepreneurial ecosystem and it ensures that the social goals, defined intentions and performance delivered is aligned with the Foundation’s mission to foster a community of high-impact, responsible entrepreneurs. Impact management governs impact investing and
establishes the measurement approach and strategy to generate, capture and use the correct data.

Allan Gray’s vision of making a sustainable, long-term contribution to Southern Africa is upheld by impact management and impact measurement and embattles the need to raise up the kind of high-impact entrepreneurs that will make wide-reaching and significant economic and social impacts on a country.

This report serves several important purposes and guides the Foundation in strategic decision making, overcoming the challenges of time, cost and capacity, and planning activities for the following year whilst also providing an accurate justification for each decision made. Through this, we have identified opportunities and found ways to mitigate problems and to further strengthen proven successes and see Allan Gray’s vision through. The key changes in the context of the South African entrepreneurial ecosystem, the experiences of Programme Participants and an operational overview of the Foundation is encapsulated in the 2019 Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Impact Report.

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