Mentorship Programme

The Foundation is continually seeking individuals who are willing to invest time and have an interest in promoting the growth of responsible high impact entrepreneurs in Southern Africa. These individuals will walk alongside Candidate Fellows on their journey towards making a significant contribution.

By becoming a Mentor, you enable a Candidate Fellow to leverage the maximum benefit from their entrepreneurial development journey. This is a rewarding opportunity to be a part of shaping the future of Southern Africa.

How to Apply

You can apply at any time as the recruitment and selection process happens throughout the year. Once selected, Mentors will be invited to attend Foundation events. Active Mentoring begins with the beginning of a new academic year, which is in the month of February.

For application process, please email:

Selection Criteria

Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Mentors need to display the following:

    • The ability to foster a holistic approach to Mentoring
    • The ability to work with emerging young leaders, to share knowledge, experience and the skills necessary to enable future high impact responsible entrepreneurial
    • The ability to intuitively meet the Candidate Fellow where they are at in terms of their personal journey and to connect with their goals and aspirations

Mentor Commitments

The Mentoring relationship begins during a Candidate Fellow’s third year at university and extends throughout their Fellowship. Once a Mentor has completed their first year with the Foundation, they may choose to maintain their current Candidate Fellow relationship or to work with a new one. If a new Candidate Fellow is chosen, the previous relationship may continue informally.

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Mentor commitment period starts in February and ends in November of each year. Mentors are expected to commit to the following:

Orientation and Relationship Building Session   4hrs
One-on-one Interaction with Mentee (the Fellow) (face-to-face, email or telephonic)   Monthly
Midway Evaluation Session   3hrs
Year End Event   3hrs

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Mentor Manager  for more information.