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The Foundation is heavily invested in fostering solid partnerships in order to achieve its Mission.  Partnerships are at the core of what we do.  Whether partnering with our beneficiaries over the long-term or partnering with organisations and individuals who share the same passion, integrity and innovative approach towards achieving economic and societal transformation for Southern Africa. Partnerships and the investment of sweat equity are at the very heart of our work.

We define a partner as:

  • an individual or organisation who shares the same core values as us;
  • who has the same type of long-term orientation towards unleashing the greatness that exists in individuals and;
  • Organisations which create synergies through the power of collaboration. Some of our key partners are listed below.

If you would like to be a partner of the Foundation, based on the partner definition above, please email us at

Allan Gray Proprietary Limited

About Allan Gray Proprietary Limited

Established in South Africa and investing on behalf of clients since 1974, Allan Gray has grown to become Africa’s largest privately owned investment management company.

Allan Gray Proprietary Limited has pledged to donate a minimum of 5% of its pre-tax profits annually and in perpetuity to the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

Allan Gray Centre for Values Based Leadership 

About the Allan Gray Centre for Values Based Leadership

The UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) in association with the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation established the Centre in Values-based Leadership at the GSB in April 2011.  Value Based Leadership focuses on the central role that values, meaning and purpose play in business. The centre is the first of its kind in South Africa, and seeks to raise important sustainability and responsible practice issues to priority status in South Africa and beyond and is committed to exploring new ways of doing business.

Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics 

About the Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics

Rhodes University has launched the Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics (AGCLE) in 2013. The AGCLE is made possible by a renewable grant by Dr Allan Gray, a Rhodes University alumnus and honorary doctoral graduate, and the founder of the Allan Gray investment company. In creating the AGCLE, Dr Gray and Rhodes University are of one mind: our vital task is to imaginatively investigate and conceptualise what constitutes ethical and responsible leadership, to promote such leadership in diverse contexts and circumstances, and to develop education and training to foster such leadership.

Circle of Excellence

About the Circle of Excellence

The Foundation believes that quality, holistic education is an important part of developing high impact entrepreneurs. Education is therefore a core part of the model used for long-term investment in Scholars and Fellows supported by the Foundation. The Circle of Excellence network is a Foundation initiative that celebrates and promotes the development of holistic educational excellence in South Africa. The Circle of Excellence initiative was launched in 2008 to identify and celebrate South Africa’s top secondary schools for their excellence in education and their consistent delivery of successful candidates to the Fellowship. The Circle of Excellence schools also provide the pool from which the placement schools for the Scholarship are chosen. It is a partnership seeking to strategically support and encourage institutions of educational excellence in South Africa, which are critical to the region’s collective futures. The Circle of Excellence recognize a diverse grouping of schools who share one great attribute; the commonality of excelling in producing the region’s next generation of high impact entrepreneurs. This is measured by Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s definition of excellence and it is quite probable that many schools that excel in other matrices might not be included in this list. Circle of Excellence schools receive recognition and strategic support at various levels from the Foundation to ensure their continued provision of quality schooling and their commitment to developing high education standards. The Circle of Excellence membership is reviewed in January each year to finalise the top 100 schools. The membership criteria and principles are as follows:

  • A weighted scoring of 3 points per Candidate Fellow and 1 point per Camp Candidate is awarded to the learners’ school
  • The schools performance is considered on a 5 year rolling period (2013 – 2017) in order to provide more consistency in the scoring process
  • The Foundation reserves the right to use discretion regarding this scoring process as and when required

Become a Circle of Excellence School

A question often asked by principals and teachers is how their schools can become part of the Circle of Excellence initiative. Your high school can become a member of the Circle of Excellence by providing a track record of transformation and quality schooling and by presenting high numbers of successful applicants to the Fellowship. A high number of successful applicants received from your school who become Allan Gray Fellows, increases your chances of becoming a member of the Circle of Excellence initiative.

Circle of Excellence Schools Conference 2017

View Circle of Excellence 2017 School list here


Circle of Excellence Schools Conference 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.56.10 AMCircle of Excellence Conference Booklet 2015

Click here to view all COE talks

View Circle of Excellence 2015 School list here







Circle of Excellence Principals' Conference 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.52.49 AMCOE Principals conference book 2014








Circle of Excellence Principals’ Conference 2014 Speeches

Dr Bridgette Gasa – From School to National Influence

Bruce Damons – Preparing Young People for Life, Entrepreneurship and Work in the Global Economy 

Craig Bruce Andrew – School Collaborations

Diana Hornby – Approaches to Community and School Engagement

Heidi Salzwedel – School Collaborations

Dr Jonathan Marks – Preparing Young People for Life, Entrepreneurship and Work in the Global Economy

Julie Williamson – Preparing Young People for Life, Entrepreneurship and Work in the Global Economy

Prof Pedro Tabensky – Catalysing Ethics and Ethical Leadership in Schools and Existential Conversations

Dr Sizwe Mabizela – Excellence in Education

Tim Barnard – School Collaborations

About E²

was established in 2007, as a captive source of venture capital for eligible Allan Gray Fellows who wish to start their own businesses and for public benefit organisations engaged in social entrepreneurship in South Africa.

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