Promoting Progress Through Entrepreneurship

The Foundation is of the firm belief that high impact responsible entrepreneurs will dramatically contribute to a positive economic, social and political change. The Foundation therefore identifies, selects, and invests in individuals that show potential greatness over the long-term through its Scholarship and Fellowship opportunities.

The Foundation's investment approach provides access to education and entrepreneurial development. Once formal education is completed the Foundation encourages work experience that compliments personal passion, purpose and skills development. It is the Foundation's hope that Fellows will then move into areas of influence where they will effect lasting change and positive impact.

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Local is lekker and complex in the entrepreneurial ecosystem If Christmas is “the season to be jolly” then Q1 2015 must have been the season for surveys on SA’s entrepreneurial ecosystem: 1.Seed Academy recently published the results from its first-ever survey of approximately 1,000 South African startup entrepreneurs with the hope that the results create impetus for industry and government to align efforts to […]

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Are monopolies always evil – the creative search for Blue Ocean to drive progress? Monopolies are terrible. We have longstanding negativity towards monopolies dating back to the earliest memories of economics class. Monopolies...


No Greatness without Goodness “Nil magnum, nisi bonum” means “without goodness, there can be no greatness” in Latin. This is the motto of...


Mindset lessons from The Karate Kid In the same way that “Daniel-Son” didn’t fully appreciate the method (and pain) in Mr Miyagi’s training madness, in...

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