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The Foundation is of the firm belief that high impact responsible entrepreneurs will contribute to a positive economic, social and political change. The Foundation therefore identifies, selects, and invests in individuals that show potential greatness over the long-term through its Scholarship and Fellowship opportunities.

The Foundation's approach provides access to education and entrepreneurial development. Once formal education is completed the Foundation encourages work experience that compliments personal passion, purpose and skills development. It is the Foundation's hope that Fellows will then move into areas of influence where they will effect lasting change and positive impact.

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Challenges for Female Entrepreneurs (Part I) by Margie Worthington-Smith The fact that we still make a distinction between entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs is a striking sign of how little progress the world has made. If the world were a truly equal place there would be no reason to make such a distinction.  Some of the factors that conspire to make us perpetuate such inequality […]


The State of Global Entrepreneurship Education By Phumlani Nkontwana­ What is the state of entrepreneurship education in the world today? To answer this question would be straight forward if the field of entrepreneurship education was in harmony about what content needs to be taught, how it needs to be taught and in what format or channel it needs to be delivered through. Indeed, these […]

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A Passion for Mentorship by Mbali Mncwabe Over the years I have started leaning towards the philosophy that dictates, “if it does not have meaning, it...


Lessons learned from a week in the Valley By Benjamin Shaw The aim of the trip was to expose South African entrepreneurs to the most cutting-edge companies, incubators, venture capital...


BYM 2016 Summit Reflections by Daniel Ndima The Brightest Young Minds (BYM) experience was one of the highlights of my year. The brand “Brightest Young Minds”...

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Aspiring to be the Average by Nicole Dunn There are very few spaces in which I can be myself and in which I am understood. There are...

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Diary of Some Scholars at Development Camp Every year the Foundation holds a Scholars Development Camp is a development camp where Scholars in the same grades...

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