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The Foundation is of the firm belief that high impact responsible entrepreneurs will contribute to a positive economic, social and political change. The Foundation therefore identifies, selects, and invests in individuals that show potential greatness over the long-term through its Scholarship and Fellowship opportunities.

The Foundation's approach provides access to education and entrepreneurial development. Once formal education is completed the Foundation encourages work experience that compliments personal passion, purpose and skills development. It is the Foundation's hope that Fellows will then move into areas of influence where they will effect lasting change and positive impact.

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An entrepreneurial awakening More often than not entrepreneurship is something you can feel in your bones. It’s something that is modelled to you by parents or other family members or it’s often a desire, present from a young age, to be independent, to be a pioneer. In Dominic Koenig’s case, however, entrepreneurship is something he learned much later […]


Entrepreneurship: The key to financial stability for youth | By: Lethabo Tloubata In 2017, unemployment rates in South Africa are reported at an all-time high, which, coupled with the start of a recession, makes the prospects for young people making a successful living seem impossible. Although corporate South Africa is doing its best to retain its talent at this stage, we need to consider a sustainable way […]

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The role of education in the Entrepreneurial Journey | By Teri Richter Education and the pursuit of academic excellence are at the core of the Foundations entrepreneurial journey. The Foundation believes...

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10 Entrepreneurial readings recommended by our Fellows What websites should entrepreneurs read for inspiration? We asked our Allan Gray Fellows what their daily entrepreneurial reading consisted...

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Going beyond a profession With his love of math and science at school, Bradley Wattrus had the makings of a successful actuary right...

Borrowing sorrow: SA has a poor savings culture, with only 33% of adults having any form of money stashed away. Statistics show that hire-purchase, credit-card and store-card debt are the biggest culprits when it comes to lower-income earners becoming debt-stressed. Picture: DAILY DISPATCH

Loans need a rethink to ensure inclusion | By Kevin Rodrigues and Co-Pierre Georg High-profile development organisations around the world such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are recognising the transformative power...

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The Heart of Tech What is the essence of innovative technology? Is it about creating the next desirable tech accessory or finding the...

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